Ready to sell your home?

Selling you home means more than putting a sign up on your lawn and hoping for the best offer. It takes a plan the considers all the ways you can make your home attractive to buyers. I will spend the time up front making sure your house is ready to sell.

First up. Make sure your house is presentable.

Decluttering, cleaning and staging are the first thing you need to take care so your house looks presentable to market. I’ll help you along with this process and give my honest opinion about what needs to be done.


Pricing your home . People don’t to buy homes off of people who are playing games. Ask too little and you might not get the price you ask. Ask too much and you might not get any offers. This is where consulting with your agent (me) is important. Many factors are involved including fair market value, perceived value and years of experience working in the real estate industry. Know your audience.


Photos, signs and flyers should be good quality that accurately reflect the look and feel of the house. Nobody buys a home just looking at photos, so no need to waste peoples time with inaccurate photos. That said they should look good so people will come out and see the home. Once again knowing your audience is important for all marketing material.


Politeness and a non- pushy salesy attitude so folk feel comfortable when they tour your home are essential. There is no excuse for rubbing potential buyers the wrong way with a bad attitude. That’s where I come in. I believe in being polite and courteous to all potential buyers ( and everyone else for that matter).


When an offer comes in I will be able to let you know if that offer is right for your house